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Traigo Alegría

by De Tierra Caliente

Nace en la oscuridad una luz con rebeldía; indomable esperanza brilla en el camino.

De Tierra Caliente: from hot land

Edwin “Papo Buda” Rosado: Percussion, Vocals 🇵🇷

Steve Cochran: Bass, Vocals 🇺🇸

Caro Canción: Percussion, Vocals 🇨🇴

Eubie Nieves: Flute 🇵🇷

Bronson Tennis: Guitar, Tres, Ukulele, Lead Vocals 🇺🇸

Guest musicians:

David Colón: Piano/Vocals on “Como un sueño” and Vocals on “Agua con limón” Griz (Chris Grunwald): Vocals/Guitar Solo on “Only Dreadlock” Tom Spiker: Electric Guitar/Organ on “Vicente” Andrés Mordecai: Cajón on “Caribaía” Pupi Claudio (Papo’s son): Güira on “Caro Canción” Angel Velez: Trumpet on “Como un sueño” Larry Toft: Trombone on “Como un sueño” Humberto Alicea: Trombone on “Vicente”

Produced by De Tierra Caliente and David Colón at Budísimo’s Studio. Songs by Bronson Tennis except “Como un sueño” by Papo Buda and “Only Dreadlock” by Griz (Chris Grunwald). Mixing, editing and additional tracking by Tom Spiker at Undercarriage Recording. Mastering by Tom Volpicelli at The Mastering House Inc. Photos by Lora Reehling, cover art by Dustin Elder, and graphic design by Jesse Gimbel.

“Vicente” is dedicated to Vinnie (2015-2016), Joey, Patty, Keegan and Emma Jane. Thanks to our families, friends, fans and supporters for motivating us and making this project possible, to our guest musicians, to David Colón, Tom Spiker, Andres Mordecai and Funk-cho Salas for arrangement help, to Tito Rodriguez (Plena De La R) for the pregones of “Traigo alegría,” to Martinho da Vila for a great ending to “Niña hermosa,” to our home city of Philadelphia for being our launching pad, to Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba and everywhere else that gave us these rhythms, and to all the musicians and composers who have taught and inspired us.